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Kitchie Nadal Same Ground US Tour 2006

Photo by Melo BalingitKITCHIE Nadal the winner of two Aliw Awards as the “Most Promising Entertainer” and “Best Female Concert Performer” and the recipient of the 18th Awit Awards as “Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist” and “Best Ballad” for the song she wrote and composed, the compellingly bittersweet, “Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin” also the winner of Nickelodeon Channel’s Pinoy Wannabe Kid’s Choice Award is set to conquer the US concert scene as part of her 2006 World Tour.

With a Double Platinum album under her belt, Kitchie Nadal has conquered the Female OPM niche, paved the way for a number of guitar-wielding alternative rock maidens and has proven that being a talented rock musician need not be translated to sex, drugs and alcohol. And while exhaustingly keeping up with the dogged demands of the success she’s earned, she’s stuck to her main priority and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Education. This is the kind of fire that even the nastiest critic can’t fan out. It’s a spiritual blaze that has taken root at the very heart of her being and it’s not fading anytime soon, not ever.

Aiza Seguera will be the guest artist for the tour except for Los Angeles and Chicago show. Kitchie Nadal “Same Ground” US tour 2006 is scheduled to hit the following cities:

Oct 20 - SAN DIEGO, National Guard Armory
Oct 21 - LOS ANGELES, Celebrity Centre
Oct 22 - LAS VEGAS
Oct 27 - CHICAGO, Northside Auditorium
Oct 28 - NEW YORK, Sol (new venue)
Oct 29 - BALTIMORE, Fraziers on the Avenue
Nov 3 - NEW JERSEY, Holiday Inn
Nov 4 - SAN FRANCISCO, South San Francisco H.S. Auditorium

Friday, 8 PM
San Diego, California
National Guard Armory
7401 Mesa College Drive
Ticket $30
619-920-7583 / 760-419-3421
Starcharm Production

Saturday, 8 PM
Los Angeles, California
Celebrity Centre International
5930 Franklin Ave.
Ticket $45
909-899-8863 / 909-263-8351
Media3five6 Production

Sunday, 6:30 PM
Las Vegas, Nevada
AudioInk Entertainment
Venue TBA

Friday, 7 PM
Chicago, Illinois
Northside College Preparatory High School
5501 N. Kedzie Ave.
Ticket $35
847-971-0329 / 847-612-7236
Pasia-Fernandez Ent.

Saturday, 6 PM
New York, New York
Sol (new venue)
609 w 29th street new york, ny
Tickets $40 Gen Adm $45 Balcony $50 VIP
18+ Proper ID Required
Nosaj Entertainment

Sunday, 5 PM
Baltimore, Maryland
Frazier’s on the Ave.
919 West 36th St.
Tickets $40 Advance $45 at the door
Nosaj Entertainment in cooperation w/
Bionic Leg Music

Holiday Inn
700 Hope Road
Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Tickets $ 35
Tambayan Production

San Francisco, California
Venue TBA
Susan Lim

Honolulu, Hawaii
Venue TBA
Aloha Wellness

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