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Slumdog Pinoys

Street Children who are rap artists and poets..

Mark and Grace
I was told that Mark wrote the song.

Joeber is the writer of this rap

Written by Joeber and Angelo.

il be posting the meanings of the rap.. i was moved by listening to them sing and have fun!

Radio AIRPlay of Iniibig Kita

the following Philippine stations has included Iniibig Kita in their playlists:

X FM 92.3
JAM 88.3
MAX FM 103.5
MAGIC 89.9
NU 107.5
UR 105.9

pending stations are:
RT 99.5
RX 93.1

pls support the single :) by requesting the song.. u can send requests via facebook pages of the stations, text or phone calls.. they also have yahoo messengers.. i dont have the details on how to do it.. but il find out later!