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Bottled Water or Tap Water

Is bottled safe? Not really.. Tap water is monitored every 3 mins Does bottled water taste better? NO taste test FAILED when compared to TAP water Is it cheap? NO .. its 2,000 x more expensive Bottled water fills our land fills!! Trashing our environment. Its a Manufactured Demand .. Scaring us, misleading us and seducing us to believe that bottled water is safer Please help redeem our planet .. our mandate.

Embarking on a Journey Part 2

Backpack Travel Preparation - Pack and weight training I have made my skeleton itinerary and my plan has widen. I now plan to travel from Toronto-Vancouver Island, Canadian Rockies, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick then back to Toronto in a month and a half. I packed my backpack with the following items: sleeping bag 5 t-shirts bathing suit one pair of trousers 1 shorts quick dry towel 2 tank tops wet ones toiletries (toothbrush, tooth paste, soap for clothes, coconut oil and baking soda) a month supply of vitamins 5 pairs of socks underwear tights and gloves pajama slippers 5 finger vibrams! The sack itself and the sleeping bag are the heaviest.. but everything in total is under  15 pounds. I packed early so I can start walking with the backpack for a month as weight and endurance training. My goal is to walk every night around with my backpack! Sounds crazy but I’m no spring chicken anymore. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Backpacking and Hiking Preparation is

Embarking on a Journey Part 1

Planning a trip from Toronto to Vancouver and back to Toronto on August 2011 via Greyhound discovery pass. Budget tips for greyhound women riders Preparation Stage 2 months: Set-up a prayer shield to cover me in my travels. Haircut, from my mid-long hair to super short hair. Its such a hassle to have long hair and travel. So will have to chop off my hair, and turn it into a wash and wear hairstyle. Hair idea the 2nd to the last picture Make an itinerary Make reservations in hostels Check out friends if they are willing to house me.. il be like an “angel” in disguise Work-out ! There will be allot of carrying uggh!! and walking (love walking! not carrying) Packing list .. super pack light! (2 trousers, 4 t-shirts, 2 tank top, 1 jacket, sleeping bag, pajamas, 2 long sleeves polo, toothbrush, comb, hat, scarf, gloves, flashlight, underwear, baking soda, flip flops, bathing suit, extra glasses, 1 walking shorts) guide to packing Tentative Itinerary: 1. Toronto to Canmore Alberta