Friday, December 29, 2006



Places visited as of now in order:
- Amristar
- New Delhi
- Jaipur
- Agra
- Goa

will be visiting more cities as our tour progress..
chilling here in goa for a week to rest and get some sun..

Monday, December 11, 2006

It takes Faith to ENJOY

To all fellow workaholics and small spenders this entry is for you!

I am about to embark on a journey to the unknown.. I am going on Vacation!

Yes! I dont really go on vacations.. most of my trips are family organized, school activities, and of course work related! Meaning i dont really spend for it. These free vacations end up being fun but i guess it starts off as an obligation..

My travel starts off with a gig in the following places:
1. Hong Kong on December 16-18. Kitchie Nadal was booked to sing for Globe Telecom along with True Faith and Cesar Montano.
2. Leaving for Singapore Dec 18. I have 2 hours to arrive and get my new luggage for Singapore.
3. Dec 19 we play in Singapore for our Every Nation Church in 12 Riffles Bldg. This gig is fun because it will be our first time to perform with our Singaporean family.
4. Dec 20 fly to India Amistrar.. here comes my faith to enjoy..

As i have mentioned i go to organized paid by others vacation.. from December 20 2006 -January 8, 2006 it is all my personal spending and whats worst we'l be back packing in India. (Don't worry we have indian friends to be with us during our trip).. but our itenerary is very open to interpretation.. my travel partners namely kitchie nadal, corinne ching, and andrea go are spontaneous people and this is the best time to be one.

Our Skeleton Itenerary:
Fly in to amistrar.. then stay new delhi 3 days.. christmas in in agra stay 2 days (taj mahal among other beautiful places)then fly to goa (attending a music festival), spend new year in mumbai ... then leave for manila january 8.

Yes this is super exciting! and it takes true Faith for me to embark on this journey.. I expect to grow up in this trip! Become open to new experiences. There is nothing free in this life we need to pay a price to get to our full potencial.. I surrender to the Grace of God.. He's the author of my vacation and He will protect me! I want to thank X magnaye's friend Hemant and Akshai who will take us around in India.. i will thank the others as i post during this trip!

I believe there are people reading this able to relate with me... my message to you is if you can't really be sure with work, with love, what more with your vacation?!.. nothing is for sure in our finite life and we can only live it if we have Faith to just surrender and go with God's purpose!

In a few days here i go.. hey guys please cover me with your prayers.. i feel that i am going to ride a roller coaster.. Yipee!