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Back from Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

I want to share what I’ve learned when I was on the plane listening to one of the audio cd from Dubai to manila. I forgot who the author is.. when I find out I’ll edit this entry. 1. Focus on your strength and not on your weakness. Focus on your strength until your weakness becomes irrelevant. Wow! I really like this point. I’ve been so hard on myself trying to cope with my weakness and making it a strength.. but in the process I have not given time to make my strength even stronger. I have a lot of strengths to focus on and yes they need allot of work to. There are people who are strong in the area I am weak at and I can partner with them. The bible says God is strong in my weakness and He is made perfect in it, so the grace of God will cover my weakness. Focus on what I can do best and be the best in it. 2. Stop doing what you hate doing. Yes! We all get into the trap of just doing things because of money, comfort and security that we don’t get to do what we really love to do. I once

Kitchie starts a World Tour 1st leg

Dubai and Abu Dhabi gigs for Kitchie Nadal is on the following dates and venues: 25TH AUGUST 2006- REGENT PALACE HOTEL. DUBAI @ ROCKY'S CAFE 26TH AUGUST 2006- NIHAL HOTEL - DUBAI @ KUYA DISCO 27TH AUGUST 2006- ABUDHABI GRAND CONTINENTAL HOTEL @ RATSKEY CLUB We are hoping that we will confirm our calling and see God’s spirit in the Middle East! Kitchie Nadal “Same Ground” US tour 2006 is scheduled to hit the following cities: San Diego – Oct 20 Los Angeles – Oct 21 Las Vegas – Oct 22 Chicago – Oct 27 New York – Oct 28 Washington – Oct 29 San Jose – Nov 3 Sacramento – Nov 4 More countries to follow.. will keep you guys posted! This is available during the TOUR!! you can also email me at if you want one ASAP

Travels: Toronto

Photos from our trip to Toronto August last year. Kitchie Nadal and the band playing at the Opera House.