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Mill Bay to Vancouver to Banff

Mill Bay British Columbia - Vancouver British Columbia Trip length - 3 hours Greyhound  ( 30 day discovery pass)     Met up with an old friend who I haven’t seen in years. I met her daughters and mother in law. Vancouver is one of my favorite cities!!!  Vancouver British Columbia - Banff Alberta Trip length - 20 hours Greyhound  ( 30 day discovery pass)     I liked Banff but it really felt very touristy. I did some hiking, Gondola ride and walked around the  town. The town was filled with tourist like me LOL. I enjoyed my Bisson Burger  and riding the gondola. I stayed in Hi-Hostel Banff, I recommend getting a Hi-Hostel card

Canmore Alberta to Victoria British Columbia

Canmore Alberta - Victoria and Mill Bay Vancouver Island British Columbia Trip length - 1 day Greyhound  ( 30 day discovery pass) I enjoyed the scenic view from Canmore to Victoria. The mountain ranges are majestic. I also saw some animals like deers, bear and woodland caribou on the road.     When I got to Vancouver to take the ferry to Victoria, I learned that the Greyhound bus lines do not  ride the ferry anymore and i would have to pay for another bus company to reach Victoria from Vancouver. I did not want to pay so  I asked around and i found out that I can take the Greyhound bus to Nanaimo, there is a Greyhound bus that will meet you as you crossed the island. That bus can take you to Victoria. (I hope i was clear.)     I was housed by beautiful people who were so hospitable and loving..

Toronto Ontario to Canmore Alberta

Toronto Ontario - Canmore Alberta via Greyhound Bus ( 30 day discovery pass) Trip length - 2 days and 9 hours First experience in traveling by bus in North America. I read allot of tips in the internet about traveling by bus, I have taken note of it and used it but these tips I have are from my own experience. 1. Make your itinerary clear and take note of the bus transfers and length of lay-overs. 2. Bring food most of the stops are fast food chains. My food suggestions are Trail Mix, veggie snacks, sandwiches, water, and fruits. 3. Pack very light and you don’t have to bring a sleeping bag. If you are hosteling most hostels do not allow sleeping bags (fear of bugs) they provide sheets, towels and blanket already. For my 45 day journey i brought just 5 shirts, 2 under shirts, swimsuit, 4 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 trousers, 1 long sleeve shirt and a jacket. Laundry service are available in most areas. 4. Avoid drinking coffee. Its a diuretic and will make you “pee”