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Places visited as of now in order:
- Amristar
- New Delhi
- Jaipur
- Agra
- Goa

will be visiting more cities as our tour progress..
chilling here in goa for a week to rest and get some sun..


sunnyday said…
What an exotic place. Hope you all had a spiritually fulfilling trip (and got to relax as well).

Happy new year =)
sunnyday said…
P.S. Love the khussa! Bought a few pairs on my trip to Pakistan years ago.
The Pageman said…
Hi Roca!

WELCOME BACK! GREAT PICTURES! Looks like you, kitchie and corinne had a great great time! You need to show me your pictures soon! Happy New Year!
Moises Dacuycuy said…
nice pics Roca. We hope to see your group again here in Dubai
Moises Dacuycuy said…
great pics!! nice to have you here in Dubai. See you soon!

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