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dinner with the alberto's

I just finished dinner with the Alberto family J Mrs. Noime Alberto invited me to have dinner with her friends and her daughter. Her daughter is having a debut and she booked kitchie nadal to play in her party… As the night progressed we talked about Japan almost the whole night from movies to the yakuzas to food to clothes.. (Mrs. Alberto has a business in Japan) It made me miss Japan.. I believe that the dinner was a reminder to keep my eyes focus.. that soon I’ll be back in Japan J

hopeful day

Today was a fruitful day!! More of a hopeful day! 1. I met with LanaJ (RnB singer) and Jourdan Sebastian (MTV director) to brainstorm on Lana’s first single.. it’s still a surprise to what it can be… 2. went to Joed's canteen in Mega Plaza pasig to eat lunch! They are back in bussiness! 3. Bible study with Joanna Cheoke 4. Then to cap the day.. I met with Corinne Ching of I love you store also to brainstorm on a fashion show event. Lets all see what is going to happen to this in the next few weeks :)

prayer time

May 19,2006 - Barbie Rocks the Dome backstage prayer time... The concert was a success in terms of attendance.... Till the next major concert.. from glory to glory!!
this is my first attempt to publish my thoughts, experiences, etc. I am very excited at the same I feel very vurnerable... my sister rosan encouraged me to open a blog site, she said this can make me popular (i have no idea what she means??) and she said people are interested to read what i have to say... My Work Present: i am an artist manager i started 3 yrs. ago...i manage the following artists... Kitchie Nadal, Lana J and a group of artist who run I LOve sTORE(Corrine Ching, Sharon Atillo and Mimi Sanson).. will tell you more about them soon.. Past: Swimming Instructor for 4 years. I taught people of all ages from 2yrs old to 45yrs old. I had so much fun with the kids.. i bet they are now proffesionals!! I also became a School Administrator for 9yrs. That was an experience!! Future: I believe that I will be one of the pioneers to take Filipino artists to the next level... international crossing over.. by faith and by grace.. in Jesus Name it can be accomplished. I guess this is one