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Shangahi December 2012

Traveling is fun but with family, its super bonding fun! Here are some pictures of Shanghai with family!! Its been a long time since our last bonding time and I feel this will be one of many excursions. landed! with rosan Group arrival picture On the way yo our hotel via subway Hotel lobby super great room! one of the many chinglish signs in shanghai "do not disturb" Bamboo shoots with edamane FAV! Must eat here resto!!! yummy spicy lemon margarita One of the best trips I had..

I Stand by His Grace

I have heard various accusations that plagued me. I take intermittent steps back and review my life and, more importantly, the motives of my heart for every move I make.  The cull of leadership is not easy;  neither are the pioneering efforts demanded of me before as school administrator and talent manager and now as a human resource manager.  Many times, the trek can be lonely and only those who fly in similar worlds with the same altitude grasp the dynamics of what I go through. I have learned that I am not so important as to be able to control people or take advantage of them, as some are inclined to think.  I churn my job knowing that, if I do less, others who take the trek with me will slide down. I have learned that, in this tough business, one can't fake the preaching without the life that backs it up.  Often, the backing up is not seen by the public eye, and it doesn't matter. I have learned that I bark loudly not because I am better, but, precisely because I&#

Faith Goals 2013

I have been doing faith goals for 18years and the main theme of my goals are "What I want to do or what I want to have." God answered my faith goals (a yes or a no) but when i think of my life I have accumulated and exercised a faith that is based on looking out, a faith of doing...a faith of having... This 2013 I have changed my faith goals to a faith of being... these are the goals I feel I need to have in the inside. Here are my faith goals (not necessary in order): 1. Deliberately live a healthy life, a conviction from within. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, keep it fit. I want to be able to live and enjoy life as I age. 2. Honest/ Transparent " be transparent... bad things grow in the dark" Living a lie or lying is robbing myself of the truth. Trust binds relationships, so by always being honest I can trust myself and others can trust me. 3. Wisdom- My prayer is that I will have wisdom and the will be known for my wisdom. 4. Humility in e