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happy birthday to me

its been months since my last blog and so many events has passed.. to mention a few..kitchie released her much awaited album "Love Letter" and its doing well with our first single Highway. we are working in partnership with caltex chevron and WOW music. the major event was my birthday party last june 11. birthdays used to bring me down... the issues of looking old, feeling old, acting old school, and the most major issue for me is the question "what now?" when i listen to my issues.. i have this sense of dread and fear that haunted me for ages (since i was 19 yrs old) NOW i can say "thats the past!" at last im delivered from fear! (since the past 3 birthdays) fear is now faith that i will grow old gracefully with a happy face knowing that i am not the center of my life!! hay :) the birthday party was not only an event but a statement that i've kept the people dear to my life! the