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Sagada now .. Maybe Baguio was like this 40yrs ago

Sagada Pictures I can just imagine how beautiful Baguio was by being in Sagada just last week.. our arrival video.. view of danunuy

Faith in faith

I believe that there are many preachers today who preach a gospel of faith It’s like the preaching of the "secret," that all we need is to do is believe and it will be done. Bob Hunter, in his CHRISTIANITY STILL IN CRISIS: A WORD OF FAITH UPDATE, says, "These modern ‐ day prophets of health and wealth believe that people can speak things into existence, thwart God’s plans, and purchase salvation; that money is the root of all happiness; that Christians are not sinners; and that Jesus did not come into the world as God. Rather than saying to Christ, ‘Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory,’ today’s self ‐ absorbed brand of Christianity insists that ours is the kingdom and that we have all the power and the glory. Another gospel clearly is being preached in many of today’s most prominent churches, and the prevention of its propagation demands our utmost attention.” I experienced this mind-set personally about 12 years ago, when I started out as a school princi