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Matthew Mateo Signs with Roca Cruz

Eyes Future in Music Emerging artist  Matthew Mateo recently signed an Artist Management and publishing contract with Roca Cruz, a seasoned industry veteran and current President of Trimex Colleges. The signing, documented in photographs, signifies a new phase in Matthew’s musical journey, marked by his commitment to creating meaningful music for today's generation. Upon signing, Matthew has already penned five original songs, showcasing his drive to craft tunes that resonate with listeners' hearts. His aspiration is clear: to write a song that will stand the test of time, becoming a legacy that defines his career and impacts the music scene deeply. Matthew's enthusiasm for his craft is matched by Roca Cruz's proven record of guiding artists to greatness. With a fresh batch of original music and a clear vision for the future, Matthew is set to make waves under Roca's experienced management. #matthewmateo #rocacruz

Meet my new artist Matthew Mateo

In the vibrant tapestry of contemporary music, few artists manage to truly stand out with a unique sound and an undeniable passion for their craft. Matthew Mateo, a dynamic and self-taught musician, is one such rarity. His musical journey is a captivating saga of raw emotion, versatile performances, and an unyielding dedication that transcends the conventional pathways of the music industry. A Broad Spectrum of Musical Styles Matthew's music is a rich mosaic, showcasing a broad spectrum of styles influenced by a variety of genres. From the soul-stirring rhythms of jazz to the raw energy of rock, the heartfelt melodies of pop, and beyond, his work is a testament to the diverse influences that he seamlessly blends into his own unique sound. This eclectic approach not only defines his musical identity but also resonates with a wide audience, each finding a piece of themselves within his melodies. A Journey Through Music Matthew's history in music is as rich and diverse as his soun