Saturday, July 08, 2006

pointers on artist management

I receive allot of demos, emails, and text messages from artists who need management. I would decline since I will not be able to fulfill the obligations it will take to fully manage an artist.
I believe there are many out there who would love to learn how to be one …

Here are some tips on being and artists manager:
1. Character is no. 1 “It is not about the manager but about the artist.. (if you’re like me.. its really about God!)” Ask yourself: Will this please God? Will my artists benefit? Am I greedy? Am I thinking long term? There are many character issues that will surface. It’s always better to talk about it and be honest 1st with God, 2nd with the artist and 3rd with yourself. If you are willing to be open and honest with everything .. let’s proceed to no. 2.
2. Pray!! Hey be ready for God’s open doors. It only takes 1 anointed idea or connection to make it to the top. It is best that it comes from God. Every gift from God He adds no trouble into it.
3. You need to be administrative.. (if your not .. you will have a hard time) to some it’s a gift to others it’s a skill to be learned… I’ll go for both. Gift and skill!
4. You need to be a friend to the artist. You are the protector! Be ready to get negative vibes from the producers, the fans and the family. Please don’t be hateful but treat everyone with respect. When in doubt refer to no. 1.

Okay these are only four points, but I believe these are very important. The others points will come as you play things by ear.

Personally I’ve made many big and small mistakes and I know I will still make them, hopefully not the same ones. So do not fear we all got to start. Remember character is most important for you and the artists! Be open and willing to receive correction and mentoring. We all need to deal with our issues. If you are greedy seek help. Etc, etc.

If you still need help feel free to email me or posts. Our country needs real artist managers!


E L I S E said...

these are really essential points to be a good manager with integrity and greaty faith!! applicable not only for artist managers but also to everyone :)


genuine said...

wow! you're great! God bless u! :)
u inspire me to be one someday :)

filipina in a foreign land said...

that was really inspiring . . .
we've met back in the day,even did an event with you and kitchie and the boys. from that day on i wanted to be one "roca cruz".but I decided to leave coz i have to earn way more for my family . . . just so you know , you are my mentor! youve inspired me in a lot of ways, which kept me goin. Am now a born again Christian and accepted the Holy Spirit in my life. and i leave it all up to the LORD.i've had my darkest days but i never questioned the Lord... I live my everyday for him . . . I live only for the LORD. Thank you for bein one of the so many channels of the LORD's blessings for me . . .
Good luck in all your endeavors.
God Bless!