Monday, July 03, 2006

i am a child of God

I grew up in a family of six children four girls ( i being the youngest girl ) and two boys. My mom was the one who brought us up.. single-parent, super hard working mommy! Bringing us up was a big deal and i honor my mother by doing her very best to raise us up alone!

By my mom's sheer determination and focus...all of us finished college and we are all doing our "own thing." One went to the "health" thing. The other went to the "corporate" thing, two went to the "family" business thing and the other two went to the "arts" thing...

I guess with the influence of my mommy, i felt that i need to be very sherwd with finances. Spending was hard for me but saving and earning money was easy.. I would get a job easy, find a bussiness, etc. Money is not the issue but the "love of money" was..

Growing up and watching my mother worked so hard made me afraid of not having enough..I wanted to become rich and famous so i won't have to work so hard..

Until recently as God has been changing my heart, I learned that material things or riches are so fleeting!! So easy to loose and it give false security.. One of my problems is not being able to spend my money and enjoy it.I had a revelation that riches is just a tool and everything here are His.. we a mere stewards of His gifts.. It made me more aware of spending and earning..

Three days ago a friend of mine asked help to look for high-end condos at the fort.. We went around to look at Serendra, One Mckinly and Boni Ridge.. They were really nice and I wanted to live in one. I felt that my eyes were open to see the possibilities of purchasing nice homes and seeing myself living in it.

I don't really know when but i do believe it will be soon. God is my Father now and He loves to give me a nice home!! If my mother worked so hard to build her home and to give us great education, food , lodging, travels, etc. What more God the Father who owns all things!!

I recently had a thought... or a prophetic word.. "I believe that God will reveal Himself as The Father to the filipinos!! The Philippines has become a fatherless nations .. Today is a new day for us!! God will Father us!"

Hey guys be ready for God's fathering


Jomay said...

I also came from a family of 6 children, kinda like you. My parents never really finished their studies so it must have been hard for them to give all of us good education that they never really had the chance to receive.
Like God, He also gives us all we need, the bare necessities. It is up to us to make good of what he have given us to make those blessings grow. Not just financially, but also morally and spiritually.

mia said...

now its not boring... U'll have a nice home in TOkyo hihi ;o) make sure we will all fit when we visit... see yah!!!

filipina in a foreign land said...

God will provide . . . that's what I always tell my friends, coz I've had experiences that there's no way I can buy clothes and a shoes for a job interview,not just because I just have enough but because am kinda HUGE . . . but as always,God provides . . . hours before my interview . . . when I reached the Pastoral House,there's this box of slightly used clothes . . . WOW! that was all I said when I saw the box and one of my "ka-sisters" lent me a pair of "sandalyas" so I was able to do the interview,though I was late, know what . . . I nailed it . . .! Truly God provides though not the way you wanted it but He will make a way . . . just give it all up to HIM!!!