Monday, September 19, 2011

Canmore Alberta to Victoria British Columbia

Canmore Alberta - Victoria and Mill Bay Vancouver Island British Columbia
Trip length - 1 day Greyhound  ( 30 day discovery pass)
I enjoyed the scenic view from Canmore to Victoria. The mountain ranges are majestic. I also saw some animals like deers, bear and woodland caribou on the road.

    When I got to Vancouver to take the ferry to Victoria, I learned that the Greyhound bus lines do not  ride the ferry anymore and i would have to pay for another bus company to reach Victoria from Vancouver. I did not want to pay so  I asked around and i found out that I can take the Greyhound bus to Nanaimo, there is a Greyhound bus that will meet you as you crossed the island. That bus can take you to Victoria. (I hope i was clear.)

    I was housed by beautiful people who were so hospitable and loving..

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