Saturday, April 28, 2007

Beautiful Batanes

One of my most meaningful vacation.. Batanes!

Meaningful for me since i learned about the province through staying with a family..

i felt like i was an exchange student for 4 days.

Sabtang Island

Native Ivatan woman who allowed us to look inside her home

Swiming in a cove the waves are strong if you swim in the beach.. batanes is not a beach area.

Stayed with Tita letty, Myle's auntie

The Beauty of Batanes

I would like to thank myles and her family for taking me around in this beautiful place. I recomend Batanes for the people who just want to chill and relax.

The food is all organic and also the people.. meaning they're real! hehe

Jing Turalba
2004 - 24x24 inches
Egg Tempera on Masonite


Vince Ragay said...

Wow! Batanes, a dreamlike place I wish I could also visit someday. In my book, it's what I call: Isle of View. He he.... Of course, I love the Philippines! The smiles enhance the beauty of it all. Thanks for sharing the photos. Perhaps, you can write more about the people and the place.

cez quijada said...

you really got the good shots ms.roca..
it was really beautiful....