Friday, June 09, 2006

getting wiser

My birthday is on sunday and its the 1st time in many many years that i am not suffering from birthday blues. Turning 40 should be sad to most of us women.. wrinkles, slow metabolism,etc,ect.. When i was 15 yrs old i told many of my friends that I wanted to die at age 40. Wierd... now i feel that there is more to look forward to at age 40 and above... Yes! being wiser and gracefully getting older. I see myself more beautiful now than ever.
No more deepression i am living my life day by day. in faith and in truth! amen! till next year ...

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redsago said...

ey, 40 is not old! :-)

when i turned 40 i took stock of my life and said hey, i'm gonna do the things i've always wanted to do NOW. i turned freelance, took up photography again (my first love) learned to drive... hang out with real nice peeps like u. :-)

happy birthday! life begins now!